Lore: What are Cryptix

Sylvy, there are many things you should know, before you have to take my place and rule our kingdom. But time for me is short. And I didn’t have enough time to teach you everything. Forgive me for that. So I hope my wishes reach you now when you need them most.

Cryptix are magical creatures that live in our multiverse, they come in many different shapes and sizes, some species have multiple members, others are trully one of a kind. They are not the same as animals which also exist in most parts of the multiverse. Cryptix draw upon the magic of the Aeon Sea, and the elements, to perform what many consider to be magic. This magic gives them powerful protective auras, dangerous natural weapons, and some of them are even more intelligent then humans are.

Cryptix don’t die the same as normal animals and creatures. Instead when they would die they reincarnate, bringing some of the power they gained from one life into the next. Though even this cycle ends and Cryptix that have reincarnated many times are drawn back into the Aeon sea to be recycled so more Cryptix may be born.

Cryptix seek out those who can help them become stronger–and fulfill their other goals. As such Cryptix have learned to Link with people. A person who has Linked with a Cryptix becomes a Linker. The Cryptix grants its help to the person it Links with and in exchange the person provides guidance on how to gain more power. Since understanding and empathy are needed to communicate with Cryptix, Linkers also usually become friends with their Cryptix. But it is by no means required.

Linkers who learn how to draw magic from their Cryptix are called Wizards. Legend has it that Wizards where the first true spell casters. But those who have learned to draw directly from the Aeon sea are called Thaumaturges. In life I told you that Thaumaturgey was the stronger form of magic. But that was a lie I wanted to believe. The truth is Cryptix are far stronger then any Thaumaturge.

That is why we started to study if that power could be drawn out by force. We discovered that it could. But there will always be a price to pay for such unearned power. And we payed it.

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