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If you’ve been reading my notebook in the order I’ve written it and have no familiarity with Cryptix at all you may have come to the conclusion that Cryptix are terrifying and creepy creatures that you should fear. And you wouldn’t be alone in that regard, most normal people avoid interacting with Cryptix as much … Continue reading Pon

Crypt Deer

With an extra mouth to feed my food supplies did not last for as long as I would have liked (Chain can eat a lot more than one would think at first glance). And we were forced to make our way back to the surface effectively cutting my explorations short. It was disappointing but things … Continue reading Crypt Deer


The life of an adventurer is not an easy one. The number of things I’ve been bitten by is outlandish, I’ve had to sleep on the rocky ground more times than I care to admit. And my body can’t seem to make up it’s mind if I’m too hot or too cold. But life would … Continue reading Trhest

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